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Our Team

Everett Veterinary Hospital and Boarding House is fortunate to have a variety of talented, compassionate and multi-skilled people in our team.The jobs of Hospital Manager, Veterinary Technician, Veterinary Assistant, Receptionist, Boarding Specialist, Kennel Assistant and even Veterinarian, often overlap and cross paths on a daily basis.

The team is cross trained enabling them to assist each other for our client’s and patient’s best interest.Their common goal is to keep our patients and boarding guests healthy, happy and comfortable and to go the extra mile to service all of our clients wants and needs.


Hospital Manager

The hospital manager is a “Do It All” position.This individual must oversee every position and if we find ourselves short handed, she immediately fills in wherever she is needed.

A partial list of the myriad of responsibilities includes the difficult task of inventory procurement and management, meeting with our drug representatives, organization and computer input of all of our hospital supplies, medications, food and equipment and is responsible for accounts payable, receivable and collections. The position includes reading through the stacks of paperwork and emails that come into our office to make sure we are in compliance with the constant changes that occur within the medical profession.

More responsibilities include performing the challenging task of dealing with pet insurance companies, planning employee schedules, tracking vacations, retirement plans, training sessions, insurance meetings, making reservations for continuing education trips, and works with our team to balance everything. Since the responsibility of the HM is always changing, she must be able to adapt both quickly and easily to whatever situation presents itself.

Veterinary Technicians and Veterinary Assistants

A technician and assistant’s main job is to help the doctors in caring for the patients in anyway necessary.They are our nursing staff.

They can perform blood draws and then complete necessary laboratory work, they help to check in clients and get vitals (TPRW=temperature, pulse, respiration & weight) on each patient, they evaluate patient records, set up the surgery suite, assist in anesthesia, shave and prep patients, assist in surgery, aspirate when surgical laser is utilized, monitor anesthesia of patients utilizing O2 and CO2 monitors, ECG unit, BP monitors and a fluid pump, all while monitoring and maintaining the patient at a perfect body temperature.

Post-operatively, they monitor the patients well being, taking all the vitals repeatedly, give necessary medication while accessing the recovering and healing progress of each patient.

They then enter the procedures in the charts and computers, contact our patient parents with updates, prepare meds and paperwork including client education material for preparation of each patient to be discharged to go home.

They are also responsible for patient care involving IV catheter placement,calculate and administer fluid therapy, give injections and oral medications,clean, flush and bandage wounds, monitor and train volunteers, performing dentistry’s, evaluate patient progress as well as exercising and feeding each patient,prepare prescriptions, perform therapeutic laser treatments and take radiographs (if certified). They also maintain DEA and OSHA logs.

This is only a partial list of their duties plus the most difficult task of keeping the doctors apprised of it all and keeping them on schedule.


Receptionists are a vital part of the hospital flow or network and are in charge of maintaining the flow of operations in our reception and exam rooms as well as our hospital and boarding areas. It is their responsibility to facilitate our clients and patients needs and coordinate them with the doctors and technicians.This sounds so easy but is a very difficult task of orchestrating numerous people, patients, procedures and services while constant surprises and emergencies continue to occur.

They are the first person that you speak with on the phone and greet you upon arrival and the last person you see before you leave.Receptionists schedule appointments and boarding reservations and are responsible for the intake and discharge of every pet that comes through our doors. Part of the client services our receptionist offer includes: calling to confirm daily appointments, sending our client educational materials and rebate mailings and act as a communication conduit between clients, doctors and the rest of the team. They are responsible for accounts receivables including over the counter inventory and prescription medication sales and requests, and handling client relations in anyway they can. And with a smile, they do all of this and more.

Boarding Specialists

As a boarding specialist, they assist from the arrival of our guests through their departure and everything in between. Their goal is to give you peace of mind while your pet is in our care. This involves making sure all our your requests and specific information about each pet and their possessions are understood and documented as each individual pet has specific needs, restrictions, a different routine, feeding schedule and possibly medication to be given.

They must also learn and understand the personality of each pet in order to interact with them in a way that is best for each pet.Our repeat boarders look forward to their “camp” adventure and happily walk us to the boarding facility. Every guest is given quality individual attention that may involve a long walk, a good brushing or play time.

Charting is time consuming but guests appetite, medications, urine, stool habits and any change in personality are all observed and documented.The boarding team is very observant to any changes of a guest and will consult with a veterinarian if there are any concerns such as loss of appetite or developing diarrhea.

Floater Position

A floater is a valuable team member that has no specific job description because they do a little bit of everything. She/he acts behind the scene to help any of the team members wherever the need arises.

You may find this person working with the patients and assistants, guests and boarding specialist, performing facility maintenance, running errands for the hospital, cleaning, painting or even gardening. If there were a job description for this important position, it would say-help wherever help is needed.