Overview of Complete Health and Wellness Care

Everett Veterinary Hospital and Boarding House Inc. has devoted themselves to the care of your dogs, cats, birds, exotic companions and wildlife since 1992. Our doctors and our compassionate health care professionals work with you to provide the best veterinary care with personalized service.

We stress the importance of physical examinations a minimum of every 6 months as your pet’s health conditions can change quickly. This frequency allows us the familiarity with each individual pet enabling us to provide the best care for them.

Through these comprehensive physical examinations and preventive care, our goal is to eliminate or delay serious health issues and thus provide our beloved companions with a longer, healthier and happier life.

Medical care is not “one size fits all.” We therefore take the time to get to know both you and your pet in order to provide the most appropriate individual recommendations for their Wellness Program. The time, money and effort invested in a Wellness Program will have many positive rewards. Remember that prevention costs are much lower than treatment costs and there are still many diseases and disorders that have no cure.

The program includes comprehensive physical examinations, appropriate vaccines, internal and external parasite screening, heartworm control, spay/neuter when applicable, specialized blood tests for specific diseases and different life stages, as well as counseling for your pet’s nutritional, behavioral and exercise needs and much more.

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