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In The Beginning

With experience, confidence and community backing, the doors of Everett Veterinary Hospital opened on June 1, 1992 in an 1800 square foot remodeled home.

After graduating from Veterinary School in 1987, I moved to Klamath Falls and worked as an associate veterinarian for 5 years. I loved my work but the dream of owning my own business was always present. In 1990 I purchased this little four-plex and rented it while obtaining bank financing and designing a floor plan.

Hospital construction was a labor of love and I surprisingly saw the first patient as the paint was literally drying. The first client walked in with Big Wig, her little cockatiel, bleeding to death from a broken blood feather. Although, construction was still not complete and no instruments yet on site, I improvised. Borrowing a needle nosed pliers from the electrician, I removed the offending feather. Having no billing or bank set up yet, the client handed me my first $10.00 bill and left happy. We opened our doors for business with only one full-time Veterinary Assistant and a part-time Receptionist. We continued to grow quickly and in January 2000, the building next door was purchased and plans to create a boarding facility began immediately. To save money and energized with delivery pizza, our friends helped us with the demolition work. Remodeling an old
building proved to have many surprises including people stopping by to tell us some wonderful stories. One gentleman proposed to his wife here and another gentleman lived in one of the upstairs apartments. He described what living in downtown Klamath was like 50 plus years ago.

After The Boarding House addition was complete, we then began the next project. We used the boarding facility as the veterinary hospital while upstairs was remodeled and more square footage was added. The two year project was challenging but very rewarding as it tripled the total square footage. We thank our client’s patience through that tedious process. Our 9 year master plan was finally completed with the hiring of an associate doctor in 2006. We added additional experienced team members, purchased new equipment and thus expanded our knowledge base, expertise and capabilities.

My love of antiques carries over into the hospital and Boarding House which is decorated with sideboards, chests, chairs and a pew. The walls are covered with quilts and great photography. However, all of the equipment is state of the art including two laser units. Everything we do, from the selection of our staff and medical vendors to the careful design of our hospital, is done to ensure that excellent quality veterinary medicine and
surgery are consistently performed.

It was a great compliment when Pet Co contacted us in 2007 and asked us to care for all of their exotic pets. Pleased with the results, in 2010 they asked us to take over all of their dog and cat needs as well. One of my proudest moments however was with our achieving AAHA accreditation in 2012.

It’s hard to believe that we have been in business for 25 years. We love being part of this community and appreciate everyone that has supported us through the years, from opening our doors until today.

Thank you… Sheree Everett DVM and our great team